Keeping up with the Joneses

So one of the most valuable things you can do for business is to create shiny new production systems. However, nobody is perfect, and new systems require maintenance. How are you supposed to keep on adding value, when you get bogged down in endless maintenance delays?

I guess you could then hire someone at a minimal salary to handle the day-to-day maintenance so you can continue creating new systems to add value. However, then you create a whole new set of maintenance requirements. At that point, you have reached the end of your income and cannot hire another maintenance man. What if you are not at executive level, and therefore cannot authorize a new hire?

What happens when you lose your maintenance man, or you hire a bad one? You are down a helper and have to go back to maintenance mode again. If your income is dependent on your production of new systems, you lose money. If you lose maintenance men, you lose money. If you get sick, you lose money. If you have a bad day, you lose money.