Deals and wheels

Another day, another laptop deal that is too late to make a sale. $699.00 for a laptop with a NVIDIA 960 card in it.

So, today’s random password suggestion is “ald2016titl04tmas14”.

Rush hour traffic is filled with near-collisions. It just seems to me like it would be a good idea for truckers to stay off the road for that hour.

By the way, the government should reduce taxes on diesel gas. We all have to pay the difference in raised prices, so it’s a tax on us.

By the way, the retailers should hire more truckers for after-hours deliveries. And they should treat the drivers with more respect and more money. And they should provide better unloading service. (Typically, the trucker is left alone to unload his truck at 2 AM.)

I guess my point is, thank a trucker for working so hard to keep prices low. If they didn’t work for peanuts, we’d be paying more for the day to day essentials.