Junk Mail and the Roads Less Travelled


Strangely, this week, my junk mail has dropped off between 80% and 90%. I’m now receiving far less junk e-mail. I am not complaining, but I wonder at the cause. Is there a holiday in the offending countries? Did the feds bust a big spam ring? Did a major e-mail vendor improve their spam filtering software? I am happy with this development, and I hope that the spam does not return.

Texas streets: I am officially saying they are not good. No matter where you need to go, for at least a small length of the trip, you have to travel in the wrong direction. That’s absurd. There is no way to just “feel” your way to your destination. If you don’t know exactly where you are going, and you can’t stop to ask, you are sunk. I miss the grid layout, where you could meander your way to where you wanted to go, as long as you had a general handle on the Cartesian coordinates.