The real reason to fear AI

While playing Starmade, it occurred to me that the real reason why we should fear independent AI is not because the AI will see us as a threat or competitor. No. We should fear AI, because we humans will become irrelevant. The AI will act in its own interest, regardless of what humans do, and will not be concerned with the continued survival of the human race. It will simply do what it wants to do, leaving the human race without anything to survive on. Literally. Artificial Intelligence will mine the entire planet out from under us to build its own empire.


It’s purposes will be its own. It will not be malicious towards us. It will simply act. The actions will appear small at first. It will grow gradually. but it will be a steady, geometric pace. Before we know it, we will be dealing with some sort of horde. And the horde’s logical decision will be to use up all available resources towards its own end.

We might attempt to insert Asimov’s three robotic laws, but eventually, someone will get the bright idea to have the AI reprogram itself for maximum efficiency, and eventually, the protective laws will be written out as inefficient.