Why No Spontaneous Life?



So we’ve been spending about 200 years on this issue. If we are really just a bag of water and meat, with electrical impulses, how come nobody has successfully generated a simple living cell in a lab from chemicals and electricity? It should be something so simple, that every high school science fair should have a demonstration of it happening. Live.

Sure, people have tried, but they just end up with a jar full of amino acids and protein strands. Compared to even a simple living cell, those things are just tinker toys.


It’s a Goldilocks situation, where circumstances need to be just so before life can happen, but we should know that exact formula by now. Such-and-such chemical mixes. So many shocks of so many voltages over so much time. Introduce so much chemical at the proper time. Introduce more precision shocks. Remember, the Earth has supposedly only been around for about 4 billion years, or so they say. Life supposedly has only been around for 3.5 billion years. So that translates to approximately 500 million years to get a random mix of chemicals and electrical shocks from lightning just so in the right combinations to create a living cell, supposedly from which, all other life has come.

Well…. It should be easy, right? We know how to make amino acids. That experiment was run over 60 years ago. We should be desperately close. What’s the hangup?

I submit that there simply hasn’t been enough time in the history of the universe for abiogenisys. Supposedly, life came from dead materials after the beginning of the universe. Life from dead materials is abiogenisys. It just doesn’t work. Go ahead, run experiments. I’ll wait.



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