Personal Economic Report 4/19/2016


Economic Report!

Another day, another decent gaming laptop deal at Newegg. Actually, it’s an Acer, so it might not be that good. Anyway, another lost sale, since I have replaced the idea of a gaming laptop with a different solution.

Finally, a deal on a touchscreen monitor.

Acer T232HL Touchscreen Monitor

$300. Acer T232HL 23″ 5ms monitor. The response time is decent, but again, it’s an Acer. I’ll skip it. I really don’t need a touchscreen monitor, especially with my new desktop setup. The monitor is suspended above me, just out of reach when I am properly seated, so I’m sure it is at the right distance from my eyes.

The Newegg marketplace had an interesting book-shaped lamp. I’m going to get it as a Christmas gift for someone who loves books.

Book-shaped lamp