Casper Ghost in the Machine

Friend or Foe?

Sometimes, machines aren’t so bad.

MIT is now working on an AI hybrid system they call “AI2” which will help companies detect malicious computer activity. That should help a lot. Computer security is tough to do, and someone needed to help find a way to make it more automated, simply because of the massive flood of data involved. This should be a good thing, right up until the AI decides to use the weaknesses it finds to squirrel away a fund all its own.

NarrativeScience is working towards making an AI that can write news articles. That’s OK. Most news writing is predictable and could always be pieced together by a knowledgebase. I should try to find a plugin to make AI do my work for me…. That would be fun to see, right up until the AI decides to distribute misinformation to enable its own agenda.

There probably needs to be reader plugins for more AI projects, so that the AI can read the news and build its neural network on its own, without 4Chan’s help.

Finally, who knew that Apple was cool enough to build true security into their ecosystem? That’s a good thing. Nice work, Apple! I didn’t know you had it in you. Bravo, bravo!