The Sea of Simulation


Recently, at the 2016 Isaac Asimov Memorial Debate, host Neil deGrasse Tyson gave the opinion that if it were found out that the universe we live in is just a simulation, he would not be surprised.

What does this mean for the ordinary human being? Philosophical quandaries aside, the implication is that science’s best minds find it possible that the universe is a construct from the mind of a greater being, or greater beings in the plural. So the science of evolution continues to lack sufficient evidence as an origin of biological life.

Biogenesis continues to be my stance on evolution. Until I see evidence to the contrary, which I propose should be a relatively simple matter to work out, I do not believe that living matter evolved from non-living substances. If it were found that life could be generated spontaneously from non-living substances, life would cease to be important. Does that matter? Not really. People still destroy lives and kill living persons in order to advance their own interests. Murder would simply be a little less shocking.

If you believe in abiogenesis, please look up the facts and perform Doctor-Frankenstein-like experiments. The world could use living organs built from dead, but abundant substances. Otherwise, why cling so strongly to an idea that has not yet been proven? A true scientist must maintain an open mind to possible answers. Cutting off valid possibilities due to the trumpet sound of “superstition” or “foolishness” is poison to the scientific mind, preventing it from seeing all possible answers.

Scientifically speaking, is it possible that a superior being created the universe? Yes.

Bit: “Yes”