Microwave TV Dinner Review – 4/29/2016


Am I about to review a TV show? Yep!

I am finding that the new “Rush Hour” TV series is breezy fun. Good for blowing off the day’s steam, turning off the ole’ noodle, and relaxing. Probably half the fun is the nostalgia that reminds me of the “Rush Hour” movies. However, I find the fight scenes to be outstanding for a buddy cop show.

Last night’s episode had a fight at a health spa that seemed lifted almost whole-cloth from the second “Rush Hour” movie. Good fun. Then there was the failed prison break later in the show. That event ended on something of a dark note. Excellent! The show ended with an interesting scene that gave the generic grumpy police captain something new to do. (I love you, Robyn Lively!) The preview for next week’s episode looked pretty bad. Maybe it will be better than it looks. Unfortunate.