Miscellaneous News – 4/29/2016

News From Me

I was surprised that there wasn’t more fanfare on Alien Day (4/26). The movies are so well put-together. The Alien design is based on the art of H.R. Giger. He created bizarre, wonderful, messed-up stuff.

On thing I hadn’t considered with the latest Ransomware malware craze: What if someone uses Ransomware on the Internet of Things? Scary stuff. Even scarier: What if they use it on medical or wearable tech? Dangerous! A lot of hacker-type folks would avoid the chance of hurting people, but since money is involved, the worst types won’t care and will hold people to ransom in dangerous circumstances. People who implement ransomware on systems that can produce immediately dangerous situations should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

Monthly audits for ICD-10? I don’t think so. Ridiculously overwrought.

You cannot trust USB drives, even from trusted sources. Ever.

Example Security Passphrase of the Day: AlienICD10USBRansom