Confusion about Antisemitism


OK, so I’m confused. I don’t understand how antisemitism could be more popular and significant than other anti-(insert anything here). I don’t even think anti-mosquito-ism is more popular as a concept. I’m an anti-mosquito-ite. It is said that scientists can’t find a really good argument against making mosquitoes extinct. Maybe they’ll save us from a Martian invasion. Otherwise, death to mosquitoes!

One of the legends behind the cause of anti-semitism is that Jews are held responsible for the crucifixion of Jesus of Nazareth. (If professions are normally used as the source of many of the first “last names”, then maybe He might be called “Yeshua Carpenter” by today’s standards.) However, Roman soldiers are generally credited with actually hoisting Him up on a wood post. They even speared the poor guy while He was up there, hanging defenseless. Wouldn’t Italians be partly to blame for that whole situation?

Similar to how Antisemitism has numerous origin legends, there are a number of reasons why one would hate Italians in general, in comparison to your run-of-the-mill Jewish individual.

  1. Italy is generally home to the Vatican, seat of the Holy Catholic Church, which is considered the primary cause of the Dark Ages. Therefore, in a twisted way, Italy could be blamed for the delay of 500 years of scientific progress. (I want my jet-packs and hover-car-in-a-suitcase already!)
  2. During World War 2, Italy was the home of Fascism and Fascism’s patron-saint, Benito Mussolini. Not the nicest of men. Hated, in fact, as evidenced by his gruesome death.
  3. Their country is shaped like footwear. (Hey, it’s as reasonable a reason for hating an entire nation of people as anything else.)

As usual, the reasons for hate are not really important. It’s just a bad use of your time and energy.