GPU as a Service? I don’t see how!


What a strange service, after all. GPU as a Service. Is that going to be shortened to the acronym “GaaS”? Do you really want to be caught saying “I need to get GaaS.”? “Do you have GaaS? Do you need more GaaS? What does it take to get GaaS? What’s the average price of GaaS?” And so on and so forth.

Now, what about the details? A service suggests that you send data to it and it sends processed data back. In the case of GPU’s, the primary purpose of your GPU is to take geometric data and process it into a picture to display on your computer screen. Depending on the application (read: game) involved, this data processing can be intense and continuous.

I don’t see how the current average broadband speed in the USA can support such a service. It’s bound to be a niche service. And even then, it will require sufficient hardware to be susceptible to financial failure.

Maybe they  could use a farm of old, obsolescent GPU cards and use them to mine bitcoin on the side. Nevertheless, it sounds like a risky venture.