Project Progress – Starmade

May 11, 2016


I have been designing a Typhoon/Akula missile submarine in the voxel space simulator, Starmade. Almost the entire rear end, with fins, protected thrusters, and engine room is complete. I have based the interior on scenes from the film “The Hunt For Red October.”


  1. I need to add rear-facing torpedo tubes (in-game missile systems) to the rear torpedo room and master control computers to the main control room, linked to those missile systems.
  2. I also need to change the engine room, which I creatively placed in the top-rear of the ship, so that there is a walkway up to an airlock leading directly to the deck behind the conning tower.

I had placed a walkway up to the conning tower that starts in an intersection sandwiched between the main control room and the captain’s quarters. There is an open area next to that intersection. I have not yet decided what to put there, but I should probably close it off and devote the area to systems. The ship is going to be pretty weak as-is, and needs as many system blocks as possible, even through I am designing this ship with role-play in mind, instead of making it a viable, efficient war machine.

The main control room already has two false periscope stations, one of which is the ship core, in a sunken control pit in the middle of the room. Around the upper sides of the control room are 10 upward-facing missile computers and 10 slaved beam computers, to give the missile computers proper lock-on capability. These 10 missile computers will each control a matching pair of vertical ICBM-style missile systems in the ship’s main missile compartment (not to be confused with torpedo rooms). The actual vertical missile systems have not yet been implemented, and there should be 50% beam modules to increase the range and damage potential of each pair of missiles.

Forward of the main control room is the primary intersection of the ship, which leads to a walkway up to the deck of the ship, just fore of the conning tower, a diving “trunk” on either side of the ship, below the water line, a passageway to the lower deck (which will contain crew bunks, and possibly crew amenities), and passageways forward to the missile room. It will be tricky to make the missile room look right, but I already have the missile tubes in place with red basic armor for a smooth look. The missile tubes are hollow, awaiting the installation of missile blocks (10 modules in each tube, if I planned correctly), slaved to the 10 missile computers in the main control room. There was room on the sides of the missile room, so unlike the movie, the missile room will double as a crew bunk, complete with limited cargo-lockers for personal effects. This came at the cost of system blocks, but the layout makes sense. The movie is inaccurate anyway; the real-life missile room is typically kept flooded.

I extended the sides of the outer shell all the way to the front of the ship, including an angular nose bulb. Due to the nature of Starmade, the nose is much more angular than a conventional submarine. The overall dimension is currently 174 m, but the official length of a Typhoon is 175 m. I am considering whether an additional bit of armor in the nose will be necessary, which would extend the ship all the way to the 175 m mark.