What will AI do with medical data?


So Google’s DeepMind AI recently received access to over 1.6 million medical records. I am looking forward to reading about the result of this partnership. I am hoping the AI will save some lives.

I’ve always wished someone would somehow employ robots and AI to perpetual research and development for the benefit of all mankind. It would also be nice if patent-holders would release some of their less mission-critical stuff to the public domain. While I’m at it, I should wish for personal rocket packs again.

Of course, one should exercise caution. While Google is a technology company, it is also an advertising firm. The partnership explicitly dictates that the medical data cannot be shared with Google’s other systems, and that the data must be destroyed at the end of 2017. However, sometimes, things happen.

The U.S. Whitehouse will be holding workshops on AI. That’s a good idea.

Anyway, here’s to hoping that the AI can do marvelous things with the data it has been given. Good luck, DeepMind!