Monday Movie Retrospective

May 30, 2016


Today’s retrospective will be on 2008’s “Sex in the City”.

No? Of course not! I would not put you through that.

Today’s retrospective will instead be on the 2003 film “Finding Nemo”.

Such a sweet film. The father fish is enjoyably neurotic and gets to enjoy some personal growth. A sweet friend is found and has her own moment of growth. Another new friend loses control but regains his composure. A family torn asunder is reunited at last. It’s all good fun with character growth directly influencing the film’s climax. This is such a critical thing in movie-making. I wish more movies focused on personal growth.

Being a Pixar flick, the visuals are beautiful. The characterizations of the secondary and even background characters look on-target. The funny bits are clever. The nature-attacks (read: scary) parts are suitably scary, but never too horrible.