Monday Movie Retrospective

June 6, 2016


Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is probably the word Americans need to remember when watching this film.

Today’s Movie Retrospective is on Saving Private Ryan. It’s okay to cry if you’d like.

A movie that simultaneously expounds on the horrors and insanities of war.

A mysterious leader, just trying to earn the right to get back home, searching for a fighter who’s family has been obliterated in the war, and who has already earned the right to get back home.

Tom Sizemore dies. Vin Diesel dies. Giovanni Ribisi dies. Barry Pepper dies. A good time is had by all.

The depiction of the Normandy landing at the beginning of the film is one of the most brutal, most realistic portrayals of the actual event that has ever been filmed.

It is a powerful, moving film. Some tiny pieces of it don’t really make sense, but mostly, it’s a really solid war picture that frequently feels all too much like a documentary.