Starmade – Disappointing Fleet Contest

June 9, 2016


Starmade is running a fleet contest. Players everywhere are generating a handful of ships as a fleet and submitting them for the next stage of the game, where random “factions” will use these fleets to populate the universe. It’s great. I was very excited to see all the entries.

There is just one problem. A lack of true variety.

More or less, the ships I see are generally WWII battleship-style shapes (long boxes) with different paint schemes. There are different smaller craft that help mix up the shapes, but the “primary” ships on these fleets generally look the same. Very few builders are generating vertical ships. Or long-beam (sideways) ships. Or Borg Cubes. Or ships shaped like salad bowls. Or whatever.

The more unique entries, like the ones based on bugs or fish are excitingly different. I hope those take the lead in the contest.

Sadly, it seems like the Starmade multiverse will not be as interesting or diverse as I had hoped.