Robocraft – It Walks

June 16, 2016


With matching large weapons, I created a walker bot that I am very happy with, and immediately put on sale on the bot shop. I don’t know if it will sell, but I was suitably happy with it, so I was proud to put it up for sale.

The overall design, as expected, matched up very well, with a certain Battlemech.

I have not yet taken this walker into battle. It may be a bad design, because it doesn’t have any proper guns, per se. There are the twin flak cannons as arms, then the “radar overhang” is actually the triple high-power tesla blades, designed to allow the robot to jump up against a tower or reactor and do damage physically to the reactor pods, or whatever those targets are on towers.

Yes, this walker is designed almost exclusively for the Battle Arena game mode.

I’m excited to try it out. I hope I can get some new heavy weapons for my tank platform.