Robocraft – Rolling Around Without Rolling Around

June 17, 2016


I am not a big fan of walker legs in Robocraft. They are great, don’t get me wrong. However, circular forms of locomotion strike me as more efficient. So I replaced my walker’s walkers with heavy tracks. Just a heavy pair of track movers side by side.

It should have been simple, secure, stable. But it isn’t.

Instead, with the tracks being close together, even though they are rather large tracks, they make my robot act like it is rolling around precariously on a beach ball. Weaving back and forth, side to side, like a drunken sailor. This should not be, and these tracks are entirely too big to require four of them for stability. That’s crazy. And a bot my size should not require an even wider base, neither lateral nor forward or behind, for additional stability. That one pair of gigantic tracks, big enough for a tank, should be enough to provide my bot with a nice, stable base of mobility. I wouldn’t mind if the mobility were more limited (even harder to turn), but this weaving nonsense doesn’t make sense for such big tracks. It’s absurd.

If you are going to use tiered tracks, and if you insist on making each individual track unstable, then the increased tiers need to increase in strength and speed, but not size. More advanced tier tracks should fit in the same “footprint” as a lower-tier track. Otherwise, if we have gigantic tracks, each individual track should have the same stability as a 2×2 smaller track formation, so that we can use less of them. You should be able to roll around on a single large track without falling over.

I may try going back to using wheels. I haven’t used wheels since I started playing. Plus, wheels are apparently faster anyway, so my tank would become a better hit-and-run vehicle.