Monday Movie Retrospective

June 20, 2016


Today’s Retrospective is on The Lensman, a 1984 Japanese cartoon (anime) movie from 1984.


I originally thought this movie was a ripoff of Star Wars. Later, I found out that it more closely resembles The Green Lantern, because the Green Lantern borrows a lot from the Lensman novels.

Anyway, while the ending action is pretty good, it’s the prison break in the middle of the movie that is the feature action piece here. Lots of fun, and the in-movie lighting, specifically when the speeder-bike with the headlight goes into a spin, are great. It’s just a lot of Sci-fi fun.

I found this to be a great and enjoyable introduction to Japanese animation. Some might consider it a middle-of-the-road Anime, but I see it as a good animated Sci Fi movie, along the same lines as Titan A.E and Cowboy Bebop. I wish there was more Sci Fi anime that wasn’t either goofy (yes, I know there are goofy characters here, but at least they aren’t entirely-throw-away characters) or body horror (yes, I know Akira exists).



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