Personal Economic Report

June 24, 2016


Income is stable and debts are normal. Nothing special on the cash flow front. I just have to keep going, to get out of debt.

Wednesday before last was noteworthy for all the good Shell-Shocker deals on NewEgg, plus a side-deal or two. If I wasn’t already pretty happy with my computer, I might be “shelling” out some more cash for upgrades. However, I’m pretty happy with what I’ve got.

Just look at all this stuff.

  1. HD Sync rapid-update TN-panel monitor. (Not touch-screen, though. Too bad.) ($250 at the time)
  2. 650-watt, 80 Plus Modular Power Supply. ($60 at the time.)
  3. refurbished i7 touchscreen non-gaming laptop. ($480 at the time.)
  4. Corsair Vengeance 8 GB PC3 Memory sticks (pair) ($57 at the time.)
  5. HGST Deskstar NAS 6 TB 7200 rpm SATA Hard drive. ($230 at the time.)
  6. Rosewill 15.6 Laptop Backpack (NeweggFlash) ($28 at the time.)

Good stuff. Here’s why.

  1. I have never seen a sync monitor for less than $300 before. Usually, I’ve seen them over $400.
  2. This power supply probably supplies a steady sine wave power source. Stability keeps computers happy.
  3. Even with a lack of gaming graphics, you’ll have trouble finding an i7 laptop under $500.
  4. 16 GB? I remember paying nearly $100 for that much. Now it’s less than $60! Impressive!
  5. I settled on 4 TB drive for my system, which is working really well and feels “spacious” enough. This is not just 25% more. This is a whopping 50% more! That’s more more!
  6. This backpack has good, neutral colors and looks like any other backpack, for pretty much the same price! Why not go for it? That’s a good deal.

Specifically, I’m thinking about that 6TB HD. I found in earlier HDs that 1 TB is hard to deal with. It’s hard to check, scan, and format. So when I got my 4TB drive, I split it up into about 15 partitions, with an average size of 200 GB each. (I realize the math comes out closer to 3 GB, but keep in mind that I placed empty non-partitions over the spaces where I thought there would be a split between disc platters, and also, there is a non-partition “swap” partition. Not big, but it’s there.) 250 GB is much more manageable. Most partitions are just warm storage (versus cold storage) for software or media that I access once in a great while. Each partition takes a reasonable amount of time to scan and otherwise “handle”, while still giving me plenty of headroom.

With 6 TB,  I would have about 22 or 23 partitions to fill! Well, maybe only 20, if I were to make the extra partitions each a self-defined “maximum” size of 250 GB. Per partition. That’s big. To put it in perspective, remember that a standard double-layer Bluray disc is 50GB in size. Huge stuff, even if you do video processing, which I do sometimes.

So it was just kind of an exciting day in retail last week, so I wanted to share some of the interesting bits to me.