To End A Threat

June 26, 2016


Every time there is a terrorist attack, everybody is always so concerned in the why.

There is no need to ask the why. Psychoanalyzing fanatics will just give you a really, really complex flowchart. Action is needed to address the threat. After all, you don’t really want to know why. You don’t care. You just want the pain to stop.

So how do you stop the attacks? What is the ultimate motive for the Islamic kind of terrorist? The Islamic Terrorist is performing a jihad attack on their perceived enemies, in order to get a quick, free ticket into Mohammaden Heaven. There is no real punishment on Earth to prevent a jihadist from looking forward to his heaven. So one must somehow take away that promise of heaven.

Historians already know the solution to the Islamic terrorist threat. It has been practiced before. One must take the carcass of the attacker, and spill pig guts all over it. Furthermore, stuff the carcass with pig parts (presumably from the same pig; waste not, want not). Finally, wrap the carcass with the pig shell and bury the whole mess together. Tell anyone who will listen that this exposure to pork product (in the extreme) will keep the attacker out of his Mohammaden Heaven.

There is no way the Islamic threat can maintain a standing (or hidden) army under that kind of pressure. The regular soldiers of the cause will not be able to stand the doubt of possibly being left out of their reward.

This punishment does not give or take weapons from the general populace. It does not have to adjust for variables in the attacker’s motives. It does not require special technology. It does not require psychic mediums.

This is the ultimate solution to that particular terrorist problem. The powers that be  know about this solution. The longer they wait to implement it, the more people will die. A leader has to be very strong to authorize this level of punishment, but it must be done for the good of all. It’s just that simple.