The Federal Program That Could

June 29, 2016


Stop the Presses! A federal program actually came in with a conceivable budget and measurable results! It’s amazing.

The “Hack The Pentagon” program successfully spent $150k (and only $150k) on a bug-bounty program that yielded information on 138 security flaws.

The news that a government program could yield such efficiency is astounding. Now, of course, the root of this efficiency is the willingness of citizens to spend effort to white-hat-hack Government websites for free, in the hopes that they could earn a bug bounty. However, it’s a very great way to get work done for the government, while wisely spending very little taxpayer money.

It appears to be a rare case of wise government. It is wonderful and it should be honored far and wide as an inspiration for other government programs.

Of course, this is a special program, which simply won’t translate to most other programs, but it is a target of efficiency to which other programs should aspire.

Kudos (massive kudos!) to Chris Lynch, director of the Defense Digital Service (DDS). Good job, Chris!

Not to mention, Kudos to all the patriotic white-hat-hackers who helped in this program.


More programs like this will come from the DDS in the near future.