Practice Makes Perfect

June 30, 2016


It is my opinion that everybody should be practicing with security software of various types to make their systems more secure in the future.

Specifically, I recommend creating a KeePass password file with the official KeePass software on a desktop computer, start putting in various passwords that aren’t used anywhere, practice making bigger, better “master passwords” (the password that allows access to all other passwords in the file), and more-securely delivere that password file to the internet, and download it again to various devices, including your phone. (Yes, there are some variations of KeePass available on Android, and MiniKeePass should allow you to use KeePass password files on iOS.)

I would also recommend playing around with GPG, but that’s a whole other story for another time.

Finally, it might be good to make up passwords and run them through “John The Ripper” (a software program), to see if you can set any personal records for how long it takes the computer to crack your password. This can go a long way toward making your KeePass password file more secure, which is vital to the security of all your other passwords.


Everyone is vulnerable, and information is being freely distributed. A higher knowledge of security is overdue. You must empower yourself with self-education, or you will risk almost certain financial loss, possibly catastrophic, to the point where you may never fully recover.