Monday Movie Retrospective

July 4, 2016


Independence Day. Independence Day was a fun movie. I wonder if the sequel, coming out this summer, will be any good? Anyway, the original was fun, not too great, but not Plan-9-From-Outer-Space-awful.

The explosions are worthwhile, the computer virus is worth a chuckle, and Randy Quaid is even crazier than usual. There was so much going on, that Will Smith’s part in the movie seems like a small footnote. I found Brent Spiner’s crazed, isolated scientist much more compelling. And apparently someone else did too, because Brent Spiner is in the new movie’s preview. Good stuff.

The dog survives an absurd explosion, because you can never kill the dog in a movie. The alien dies, because you can always kill an alien in a movie. For some reason, when the mothership has a problem, every other alien has a problem too. Quality Control, aisle six!

As the old saying goes, you don’t have to be crazy to watch this movie, but it helps.