Robocraft – Reach Out And Touch Someone

July 7, 2016


I have been able to afford another high-level railgun in Robocraft. I now have a nice all-’round platform, with four machineguns and four railguns, all third-tier. (There is one more tier of machinegun that is super-expensive.)

The neat thing I am finding with these railguns is that now that I can fire with four railguns, I can once again destroy fliers before they reach land-fall. The fliers just have to be relatively still, because obviously, railguns are direct-impact weapons instead of area-effect weapons like flak guns, so near-misses don’t count at all. Nearly the same destructive capability as flak guns. I just have to aim carefully.

The plus side is that a railgun is just as effective against land targets. I have used them effectively in long-range support roles. There has been more than one encounter where one of my teammates was about to be destroyed, and I used my railguns to shave off the enemy’s weapons and turn the tide of that mini battle.

With this weapon’s platform, I’m still averaging a little above 1:1 k/d ratio, but there have been matches where I have exceeded 3:1 k/d ratio. That’s fun.



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