Switching Gears

July 11, 2016


All of a sudden, I must reduce my time in Starmade and Robocraft, to focus more on virtual object crafting for a fundraising project.

I had to perform this fundraising project last year, and will probably need to do it again next year.

Last year, I was very tentative and unsure about my place in the project. It turns out that I was very nearly the sole contributor, and I barely pulled it together in time.

Again, this year, I will barely pull it together in time, but I have received help from a number of sources, and had a much better plan that was actually modeled out, so I won’t have to perform so much on-the-spot deciding, including sacrifice, scaling, real-time on-the-job learning, and accidental overload. This time, things should come out just right and in a short, acceptable time frame. In other words, on time and under budget.

It will have been a little more pressed-for-time than I would have liked. The project leader wanted a delay due to personal issues. Then, in a continuation of their ongoing issues, they were unable to authorize the options, so I took initiative and started work on becoming the de facto project leader. It might have enraged the real project leader, but she has not led on, and appears to approve of my initiative in getting this project moving in time for the due date.

Time to get to work!