Blog Appreciation

July 12, 2016


Over here, there is an amazing review of the Blade Runner movie, with special detail spent on typography (the focus of the blog) and a detailed analysis of the ESPER scene, which suggests that detailed, 3D Light Field photographs will be the next big thing in photography. It is really entertaining, amazing, and eye-opening.

Yeah, Blade Runner doesn’t really even need Yet Another Detailed Analysis, but this one is unique, specific, and detailed.

Check out the highlight of the entry: An in-depth recreation video of the photo-enhancement scene, where the lead protagonist uses the technomagical ESPER machine to find a hidden detail in a photograph.

The commentary in the blog, describing the ESPER stubbornly using the enhancing settings it decides are best, instead of the character’s commands, are hilarious.

The other entries in that blog are also well worth reading.