Personal Economic Report

July 15, 2016


Personal income is stable and debt payments are normal. Everything is still on-track.

In late June, some interesting items went up for sale.

Vesa-Standard LCD stand.

I bought this item for someone who needed the bottom of their LCD screen to reach nearly down to the surface of their deck, due to their eyeglasses. This stand even includes a built-in lazy-susan, so they can rotate their monitor if needed. It’s rather pricey, hence the interest in the sale price of about $50.

500 W Power Supply for a PC

Again, for $50, this is a good-looking, 80 Plus Bronze power supply. Most single-GPU-card systems only need roughly 430 watts, give or take a few dozen, so as long as you don’t use multiple GPU cards, RAID arrays, or other special features, this power supply should be a good one.