Monday Movie Retrospective

July 25, 2016


Today’s movie is a comedy from the minds influenced by Mel Brooks. “Haunted Honeymoon“.

Directed by and starring the impeccable Gene Wilder, this wacky movie is one of my favorites. Mostly because I cannot be sure when the movie-within-a-movie (OK, filmed Radio-program-within-a-movie) starts and ends.

Throughout, there is a manic energy that keeps the viewer from feeling fully in control of their understanding of the movie. Are there supernatural elements? Is it all being done by ordinary people with experience in show (radio) business? Is the lead hero really losing his mind?

Well, we already know that since it is Gene Wilder, his mind is already lost.

This movie is just a lot of fun, beginning to end. Look for the acting-practice scene in the basement, where the hero is trying to reassure some visiting police officers that everything is normal. There is manic energy even in the basement.