Full House, Robocraft Style

July 28, 2016


I now have the standard number of railguns, six.

Added to the normal number (4 or 5) of higher-middle-class lasers, this makes a well-rounded, long-distance sniper. I have even been named the team “railer” in a game once, so I know I am being recognized as a dedicated sniper player.

I can’t help but feel I am missing out. The heavy weapons are still dominating the field. Now the weapon of choice is the new chaingun. I am satisfied that it starts out slow and has to build up speed, but by the time you notice what is shooting at you, it is tearing you to pieces. That makes this weapon the new heavy weapon to beat. The team with the most heavy weapons wins, generally.

However, I am developing strategy to perform better in a single game over time, so that I am effectively contributing more to my team’s progress and success.

However, that self improvement seems to make losses feel more bitter. Oh well, someday I will realize my foolishness and leave video games behind me for good.



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