Meat Markets Are Nasty

July 31, 2016


I had heard a young lady talking on the radio. She doesn’t get to date as often as she’d like. I suspect that there are a number of socioeconomic issues driving this dry-spell.

We live in interesting times, when a person simultaneously must struggle with making a living in depression-level environments, and yet having relatively cheap access to rich amusements.

We have never been in a more interesting time, so it doesn’t really matter how dynamic and interesting a young lady is. She can’t hope to compete with extreme sports, video games, or blockbuster movies.

Additionally, people are more educated than ever about the trials and tribulations of relationships. It’s not hard to find someone who simply eschews the effort of a relationship, in favor of a more simple existence.

Also, people aren’t really aware of the importance of relationships. Add to that the record number of OCD, ADD, ADHD, and asperger’s-afflicted individuals, and we have a society that, in general, doesn’t like to get into relationships. It’s just too much of a hassle. On top of that, dating itself has been described as a massive inconvenience, regardless of helper apps.

It’s not just that people expect a better experience in a more immediate timeframe, but they are anticipating the difficulties that eventually pop up, whether it be relational incompatability, stubbornness, accidents, pregnancy, layoffs, financial problems, dishonesty, and plain-old crazy. It’s not worth putting up with, and since you can’t be entirely sure who will give you trouble, it’s generally judged best not to take a great risk on a person.

So one must, as they say, “walk circumspectly”, being very careful about everything.

This leaves very little room to allow someone into one’s personal life. How do you dare to take such a risk, when the reward seems so insufficient?