Monday Movie Retrospective

August 8, 2016


Today’s movie is distinctly important to me. Transformers: The Movie (1986)

This is the cartoon movie that predated the Michael Bay movies by about 20 years.

They took the Transformers cartoon, which was really just a half-hour informercial on the fun of the toys, and created a movie, designed specifically to kill off the old transformers and introduce new ones.

Like this.


This movie had a lot for children to process: death, rock, spaceships, overwhelming odds, actually hitting what you shoot at, swearing, rock, etc.

The Nostalgia Chick had a great, fun review of the movie, where she touches on all the important points.

This movie was Orson Welles’ last movie. He voiced a character that was literally a very big part of the plot. He lamented that he played the part of a toy that ate other toys. It’s sad that this was his last role, but as always, he made a good appearance here.

Half the movie soundtrack is gold, half is mediocre.


Speaking of Orson Welles, there was a ton of great actors that came in to voice parts. Yes, you have the original transformer voice actors, but you also have some big names voicing some new characters. Robert Stack’s Ultra Magnus is magnificently pragmatic, Leonard Nimoy’s Galvatron is coldly menacing, and Judd Nelson’s Hot Rod is plucky, just to name a few.

Back before I sold the movie, I made it a point to watch it at least once a year. Since then, I have become too busy, hurried, and worried to continue to be a Transformers fanatic.