Personal Economic Report

August 12, 2016


Income remains stable and debts are under control yet again. That’s good news.

About a week ago, I saw some things for sale at Newegg that would make a competent computer for all sorts of high-demand tasks.

  1. Computer Supercombo, complete with a case, power supply, i5 processor, 8 GB RAM stick, motherboard, and a 100+ GB flash-based SSD for the operating system. All for $355. That is a complete computer for less than $400. Edit: This SuperCombo is the closest to the original deal, but at $523, is not so attractive.
  2. A NVidia 950 video card for less than $140 makes this computer a competent gaming PC at less than $500.
  3. You probably need to add a basic high-speed computer monitor for less than $150.
  4. Or you could add a touchscreen monitor for less than $400.
  5. Finally, you probably want to add a conventional, high-capacity HDD for less than $200.
  6. You might even want to add a case fan or two to keep things cool. About $10.

Combine this all together, and you have a really great machine, homemade for less than $1200.