Monday Movie Retrospective

August 15, 2016


Today’s movie is one of David Lynch’s classic body-horror movies. A remake of a 50s shlock classic. The Fly (1986)

Here we have Jeff Goldblum at his very best. He does a terrific acting job as his character changes from a mad scientist to a twitchy fly.

The supporting characters are interesting and likable. The effects are still good. The telepods are cool.

There is a gnarly scene when Jeff Goldblum’s character starts to realize his new fly-related strength. He gets into an arm-wrestling contest with a beefy fellow, and promptly breaks the guy’s arm in half. The bone pops right out the skin. This would be a great effect if there were more blood. Such a wound will not be bloodless.

He impregnates his girlfriend, who becomes concerned about him and only learns of her pregnancy after he starts to turn, giving her a rather wild nightmare about giving birth to a baby-sized larvae.

Based on just these two descriptions, you can tell that this movie is full of all sorts of amazing, gnarly stuff.

Highly recommended horror.