Really, Actually Using A Password Manager

August 16, 2016


OK, I have finally moved over to actually, genuinely using a password manager. This is very weird. Sometimes, the copy option doesn’t work right. I’m still getting used to it, because it just doesn’t work as smoothly as I had hoped. I’m focused on using KeePass, with KeePassDroid working with the same password database file on my smartphone.

However, the ability to randomly generate a very nice, very random password will surely come in handy eventually. I was able to generate a password for a gaming login that has random high-level characters. I saw a lot of accent marks. Superb improved security. Furthermore, I look forward to the day that I will only need to memorize one or two passwords. I still have to memorize half a dozen.

Switching my e-mail password to a randomly-generated glob was every bit as difficult as I anticipated. Fortunately, I had set aside enough time to work through it. I have decided that my minimum password length, even for random passwords, must be 16 characters.

So far, the websites I have set up for password management have not complained about the longer passwords. But they are out there. The cancerous websites that insist on shorter passwords. There’s no reason to limit a password field to less than 100 characters. You should never be storing that anyway, so this field is arbitrary. (I understand having to limit the field length to prevent hacking, but 100 characters will not hack your server.)

Anyway, a grand adventure, which hopefully will not be foiled by another LinkedIn leak.



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