Robocraft: Jackpot

August 17, 2016


OK, I’ve got it. I “won” an Ion Distorter (massive Robocraft shotgun) in a daily reward loot box.

I have now become one of those juggernauts I have described in the past. My robot consists of the ID as the main cannon, flanked by 6 railguns, which are still my primary weapon, and a handful of radar jammers, to keep me hidden, so that I can be effective.

I would be upset if weapons were reset at the next major update, but it would be ok, if absolutely everyone was reset.

Anyway, this build with this incredible weapon should improve my effectiveness even further.

When I got this “legendary” weapon system, the loot slot with this weapon had a nifty fire effect. The weapon itself is just as powerful and efficient as I hoped. Groovy.



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