Graphics And You: Accelerator Cards

August 20, 2016



I found a decent, recent article that describes various video graphics cards and their effect and price ratios. It’s always good to get this information.

As always, I recommend NVidia, because NVidia has more support on Linux, so even if you aren’t using Linux right now, you could make the switch with an NVidia card and be confident in continued performance.

On the other hand, AMD is a real budget brand, meaning you can get decent graphics acceleration in Windows for a lower price.

Casual gamers who only play scrabble or connect-three style casual games don’t have to worry about graphics acceleration, but if you want to play a game that involves any kind of 3D effects (such as first person shooters, as the most popular 3D effect game type) then you are going to need a graphics accelerator to handle the load.

Disclosure: I personally use a NVidia 960 video card with 2 GB VRAM. I love it.