Robocraft – Disappointing Weapons

August 23, 2016


So I have settled on a tank that used the Ion Distorter (or is that Disruptor?) with six heavy railguns as my standard armament. I am disappointed in the performance of my robot.

Contrary to what I experienced when the Ion weapon first came out, the fire rate on that monster is minimal. So I can not sneak up behind someone and completely erase them from existence, as happened to me on many occasions. Furthermore, since many people had the same experience as I did, I find that my Ion weapon is pretty much target #1. It is frequently stripped off my robot. I think that’s OK. It’s a decoy at this point. Due to its disappointing performance, my Railguns are still my #1 main weapon system.

I suspect that the developers for this game try to keep focus on new, hot weapons, to keep their revenue stream pumping. Unfortunately, this leaves most players, like me, disillusioned, so that we are less likely to buy something. Of course, this makes no difference to me, since I plan on playing completely free in any case, but it does mean I am using less powerful weaponry. You know, just cuz.

My Railguns are still pretty fun to use, but they are definitely not as accurate as they used to be. The game developers are trying really hard to make railguns a slower, more careful weapon, so rapid subsequent shooting is more inaccurate now. By inaccurate, I mean that even if you have your laser sight focused on the target, the actual rail shot might go 15 degrees off course for no good reason, other than the developers want to keep the game “fair” for players who use less precise weapons. You know, just cuz.

Nevertheless, using personal skill for this aiming weapon, Railguns has become a recognized valuable playstyle, to the point where in one game, my entire team was accused of being stand-offish railgunners. Which we were. And we were winning.

I can sense that I am starting to experience the lethargy of an experienced Robocraft player. I am not as toxic and venomous as one of the bitter old-guard who disdain new Robocraft players and even taunt players for actually playing the game, but I am definitely wanting to spend less of my free time on this game, due to a lack of hope for the future. However, for now, it remains fun and free.