Robocraft: Temporal Rift

August 24, 2016


The “Temporal Rift” event was this past weekend. It has come and gone without much fanfare.

The concept behind “Temporal Rift” is that special support equipment, such as cloaking devices, teleporters, and shield projectors would get a faster recharge boost, so they could be used more often. Additionally, their rarity was reduced and loot crates were artificially improved, improving the chance that a player could randomly receive one of these support units.

Sadly, I received no such gift. I had none to start with, so I was hoping they would just spring a random one on me, to let me “in the game”. Therefore, I played the game amidst players who did have the improved equipment. I think I availed myself valiantly, but my kill/death ratio was decimated for the period.

Aggressive forward attacks served me well, and helped disrupt enemy offensive maneuvers.

I wonder what those pieces of equipment are like. If it’s like receiving the shotgun weapon, their utility will be greatly reduced by the time I receive them.

In unrelated news, based on the improved items I received, my overall “money” score now puts me at about 25% on the way towards being able to buy a new high-level weapon. I will not buy a shotgun heavy weapon unless they improve it back to its former glory. It’s a long ways to go to get a heavy weapon.

Also in unrelated news, I am very slowly becoming better at wrapping my  bot/tank in shielded armor pieces. It’s weird, because those pieces are so bizarrely shaped. I think they expect players to make more walkers than tanks.



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