Job Simulator: Space Janitor

August 27, 2016


A new computer game just recently became available for purchase: Viscera Cleanup Detail.

The setup:

A hero rose up. He fought for what was right. He has already opposed the alien onslaught. Now all that is left is to clean up the area. That is where you come in. The hero is on parade. The day is saved. Now it’s up to you and your mop to clean things up so that the civilians can move back in and build a glorious new day for all mankind.

I love the concept of this game. It is a job simulator where you are the janitor for a space station that was just recently a battleground. It’s a bloody mess, so you must clean up pools of blood, dismembered body parts, and yes, detached viscera off the floors and walls of the facility. To assist you, there is gloves, a mop, a bucket dispenser, and the all-important incinerator. Just get all the messes into the incinerator and get everything shiny and clean.


Since I use Linux, not Windows, I politely asked if there were any plans to port this game to Linux. Sadly, no, that will never be happening. That’s too bad. I would have enjoyed this one. After porting the game to Mac, the developers are done porting this game and wish to move on. I guess I’ll always have play-throughs by other players to watch on YouTube.