Audio/Visual Creation: Beginner Level

September 1, 2016


I am very, very slowly, learning how to make my own videos. I could call them home movies, but there is nothing there about me yet, except what I’ve created in my creative moments.

I started by slowly learning how to capture video on my desktop. First, I was using VLC to capture the whole desktop and then cut down to the part I wanted. However, OBS released a Linux-compatible version in mid-July, and I immediately was able to capture specific “windows” in Linux with that. So now I have a pair of videos that I proudly took of the submarine I build in StarMade.

I used a video editor to clean them up a bit, but what next? The videos needed sound. They currently have none.

I could start recording my own voice, but I’m not entirely sure I want to put my own, unfiltered, undistorted voice out for public consumption. Therefore, I slowly learned how to make the computer say a voice for me. (TTS).

I spent about a day getting the software and playing with basic command lines to start it working, until I could obtain some actual audio files that roughly matched what I was trying to say. These could be combined with the raw video capture to crate an actual video. It might not be good, but it would be truly audio/visual in nature, and not just a half-finished capture piece.

Now I just have to figure out how to combine all these different elements in a useful way to create a genuine video. My work continues. Fascinating.