Dragon’s Lair Drawn Again

September 5, 2016


Very exciting updates lately. Dragon’s Lair: The Movie is now underway. I was privileged to see that the IndieGoGo campaign reached and doubled its goal and is now at about $600K.

With what they have pulled together so far, the makers of the movie are going to make a 5 6 minute teaser mini-movie to show to movie execs, who must then argue among each other on who will finance the making of the movie, which IMDB estimates at $70 million.


The success of the IndieGoGo campaign suggests that there is a good, passionate fanbase for this movie. But can it succeed with general audiences? I’m not sure. I don’t think there is enough fanbase to support at $70 M picture. Maybe if they keep it generic, so that it appeals to Chinese and Russian audiences, maybe then it can earn some money overseas.

American double-entendres and other such subtle writing has to be left out of movies now, because the foreign market for films has exceeded the English-speaking market. That is probably why the jokes in movies are now so dumb and not so clever as they used to be. Sophistication doesn’t translate to other languages, but simple jokes can.

I hope they keep the Daphne character very sexy. If the movie Daphne looks like the video game Daphne, the movie will probably be rated PG-13. However, especially since it is a cartoon, the execs will probably insist on toning things down to a safe PG rating, since this is a cartoon, and cartoons are traditionally aimed at children, and parents traditionally feel that cartoons should normally be safe for children.

However, this is a false assumption for Dragon’s Lair. Children are not funding the campaign. It is being funded by an older crowd who grew up on the Dragon’s Lair game. It could probably be a success, even as an R-rated cartoon, specifically aimed at the proper target audience, the grown men who love this property, as long as the budget is tightly controlled. However, the execs are not smart enough to think of this.

So we will get a neutered, boring, childish movie. Don Bluth (the primary illustrator behind the whole Dragon’s Lair: The Movie project) will not be satisfied at the movie he will have to release, but if he doesn’t bow down to false executive requirements, he won’t get funding to make the movie at all.

So I have high hopes that the movie will be made, but I am fairly certain it will not be anywhere as close to being as good as it could be if Don Bluth were allowed to pursue his vision.