Robocraft: Stopping Bullets

September 9, 2016


Wow, I thought I might have a good thing with that new shield projector block I found. It is even better than anticipated.

A common thread among some of my posts is that newer weapons are favored in Robocraft at the apparent expense of all other weapons. The shield projector is a weapon denial system. So it doesn’t matter that the chaingun is wildly overpowered. The shield stops the weapon system dead in its tracks when the shield is projected between the attacker and target.

Meanwhile, while the enemy cannot attack me, I am happily hammering away at their robot from behind my shield. Of course, this can lead to deadly hubris, and I have, on more than one occasion, been caught focused on a target only to be destroyed by a stealthy enemy that sneaks up behind. Good job, enemy! You caught me off-guard!

Anyway, my verdict is that the shield projector is a magnificent piece, with a permanent place on any robot design I should develop. It’s just too valuable to leave on the shelf. I hope they don’t nerf it, but they probably will, because it’s so useful against all weapon types. Only tesla robots aren’t really effected, and that’s only because they must reach point-blank range to attack. That would work for robots with guns as well. Once they plow through the shield, their weapons can not be blocked.

The downside to shield projectors is the long reload time. However, just one projection is enough to turn the tide of an engagement.

I have tried to use it to protect damaged friendly units, and that has worked once or twice, but usually the robots are in hot pursuit and plow through the shield before the friendly unit can regenerate. It’s best used for myself to protect against superior weapon volleys.



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