Starmade: Ship Ideas

September 10, 2016

The Clarke Explorer - An original Starmade spaceship.
The Clarke Explorer – An original Starmade spaceship.

I just wanted to copy down some ideas for ships or ship styles that I will want to build in Starmade. I would like to say “soon”, but who knows how soon “soon” will be in this context? I am constantly delayed. Life must be lived.

  1. Another traincar or two. (I have completed a simple one. I am building for this contest.)
  2. An X-Wing/Millenium Falcon mash-up hybrid.
  3. A classical Buck-Rogers-themed remake of the Starship Enterprise. (Rumor has it that the design of the starship Enterprise was a flying saucer and three rocketships hooked up together with sticks, so that’s essentially what mine will be.)
  4. Updated version of the Aluminum Mallard. (My current version is pretty nice, but I want to try to build one with slabs. I’ve partially started, but my start was in a shipyard, so I need to re-start-over.)
  5. Updated version of my Theatrical Star-Trek-Style ship with rails. I intend to totally gut it and recreate it with more rail doors and rail-based turrets. (I hope to keep the outer shell and deflector emitter intact.)
  6. Updated version of my Clarke Explorer ship with rails. I should probably recreate this one from scratch, because I want to give it more, and more-integrated “fuel pods” that will contain system blocks, while making the ship look more like it should.
  7. In addition to building new BattleTech dropships, I also need to update my Leopard and Leopard CV dropships. (I should start over from scratch with the Leopard CV.)
  8. I was also going to build the outer shell for a ship”core” system (a torpedo launcher) that another player built and asked to be completed. He’s bound to be surprised by an update after all this time waiting.