Monday Movie Retrospective

September 12, 2016


Batton Down the Hatches. I’ll veer into television for this retrospective. Seaquest DSV debuted in 1993.

This was a fun Scifi drama. The first season, in particular, was known for its somewhat more realistic scientific bent.

One of the main actors, Jonathan Brandis, played a genius child prodigy. Unfortunately, this promising young actor would tragically die very young in 2003.

One of the other main actors, Roy Scheider, played the first captain of this boat. He finally got his “bigger boat“.

I don’t remember a whole lot about this show. It has not been on in syndication lately. That is too bad, because it was good.

In one episode in particular, I remember the prodigy programmed history’s greatest composers into the computer and had it create brand new musical compositions in the style of past musical geniuses like Mach and Mozart.