Audio/Video Creation: Beginner Level

September 15, 2016


I think I need to make one whole audio track containing all the sound-bytes and save it all to one audio file to make it work with OpenShot.

OK, so the whole plan is to mix up one audio track to merge into the video. Since it is only one element, not dozens, it should not overload OpenShot.

Tools needed:

1. I still need OpenShot as the final verification step.

2. I will need a regular video player like VLC or MPlayer to view the cut video footage.

3. I need a notepad to write down the sequence of events in the video, and the specific timestamps where sound-bytes need to play. This will be critical to creating a matching audio track to go along with the video. I plan to use GVim to create a text file with the needed information.

4. I already have all the sound-bytes. If I did not, I would need “Festival” to create them from text files. (Or I could just record them in my own voice.)

5. I require an audio mixer to draw together various sounds. I am most familiar with the audio mixer “Audacity”, so I will use that.

It will take a while to record where all the sound-bytes need to fall in the audio track. I need to record only a few at a time, save off that partial audio file, use OpenShot to mix the video and partial audio together, and verify that the audio matches the video. I then need to add some more sound-bytes to the partial audio, and re-test. I should be able to compile and test a minute of audio at a time. That way, I make significant progress, but I won’t get so far that the audio starts to become significantly out-of-sync with the video.

Also, I need to save each partial audio file and give it the day’s date in the filename. That way, if the audio does fall out of sync with the video, I am able to return to the prior day’s audio and start adding again, with updated notes, to create a corrected partial audio file to test against the video.