Monday Movie Retrospective

September 19, 2016

Vampire Smile

“Come With Me If You Want To Live”. Well, something like that. We aren’t reviewing The Terminator. Today, we are looking at something more Supernatural in nature. Specifically, the 2003 movie “Underworld“.

The story was a little confusing, but overall, it made sense. The action had a tendency to jumble things, but I think that was mostly sloppy cinematography.

The main antagonist is a vampire enforcer named Selene, played by a very game and highly intelligent Kate Beckinsale. Prior to this movie, she had mostly been in ruffled dresses in period pieces, so for this movie, she needed to learn to run and shoot. Oh, and wear a leather corset on top of the rest of her tight outfit. Yum.

Actually, it’s a pretty decent movie. Very stylish. The vampires here do not sparkle, so that’s a bonus. It has some of the smoothest werewolf transitions I have ever seen in a movie. Nicely done.