Starmade: More Door Variation

September 30, 2016

The Clarke Explorer - An original Starmade spaceship.
The Clarke Explorer – An original Starmade spaceship.

Doors. A simple concept that just about every game has in spades.

I’m not seeing a lot of variation in doors in Starmade ships on the Community Content. Probably because the subentity method of using “rail doors” for movement is unreliable and can break easily. So a lot of available ships use the “plex doors” or “blast doors”, which are blocks that simply “disappear” when activated. These kinds of on/off doors are more popular, simply because they never break.

However, I have decided to create more sci-fi doors. And because the block system is on a 1-meter grid, I plan to make over-sized doors to look more like sci-fi doors shown in popular media.




When they work, “Rail Doors” are real nice.