Monday Movie Retrospective

October 10, 2016


Stylishly cartoon-like. Such is the general feeling I get from the movie “Kill Bill, Vol. 1“.

The action and effects are largely cartoonish and ultraviolent. This movie is really a live-action “Anime”. Except for the tangential segment that discusses the life of a certain Viper Assassination Squad-Assassin-Turned-Mob-Boss. That segment is an actual “Anime”, complete with cartoonish colors, exaggeration, and fluid effects.

For this reason, and for the reason that Anime is largely dominated by the philosophy of “Style over Substance”, this movie does not appeal to all audiences. I myself know someone who does not like this movie, and who doesn’t understand why others would like it.

Nevertheless, this movie is largely liked in Western circles and the Tarantino-mark of extensive, if not thoughtful dialogues provides more than just mindless action or shallow themes, social statements, or predictable motivations.

The hero is unconventional, with rarely-explored details that fuel the hero’s need for vengeance. A little bit of salt and heat elevates this movie above the average mean for such a vengeance action or kung-fu movie. I would dare to say this movie is a cut above the average. However, it is still enormously enjoyable. Even thought-provoking. The hero wears clothing, that while a bit bright in places, is still reasonably “normal”, as opposed to skimpy, cheap, or exceedingly ridiculous.


If you have not given “Kill Bill” a chance to be seen, I would say it is worthy of a chance. It’s not a guaranteed hit for your particular tastes, but it may not be a guaranteed miss, like so many bland action movies. I recommend trying it on for size.

I also highly recommend the “Super-Mario”-themed audio remix of a certain, pivotal fight scene. It is violent and bloody, having visuals straight out of the movie, but the Super-Mario sounds are an amazing match for the action.